Top six benefits of VoIP and working with MN VoIP.

    1. We are local we serve Twin city metro area, outstate Minnesota and beyond.
    2. Cost of ownership using hosted VoIP helps keep initial investment cost to a minimum.
    3. We are Cisco experts using high performance routers and switches to provide high quality Voice over IP service. We use good hardware.
    4. We support a variety of IP phones, specializing in Polycom products.
    5. We offer a High level of service without any binding contracts.
    6. Our extensive knowledge base in systems beyond just phones.

    If you have questions about VoIP or service or phone equipment contact us today. We would love to quote you a price and talk to you about becoming our customer.

Get VoIP for your business today!

Using the public Internet, you can rest assured Minnesota VoIP can bring all of your offices into a single, seamless network allowing you to communicate with your outlying facilities, field staff or sales people for no additional costs. Contact your local sales representative today to learn more about this incredible technology.