Worthington Aviation  

The Client: Founded in 1998, Worthington Aviation has grown to be an international leader in aviation aftermarket services. With warehousing operations in five countries, this diverse company serves aviation businesses in the Commercial, Regional and Corporate Business Jet arenas, striving to provide the highest quality customer service in the industry.

The Challenge: Worthington Aviation grew very quickly, and along with this growth their outdated Commdial system was not able to grow with the company. Additionally, with multiple locations, they needed to integrate communications among the facilities, consolidate billing services and centralize the support and management of the phones. Lastly, they needed the capability to route and manage calls for their global operations easily and in certain cases, automatically.

The Deal: Minnesota VoIP did a comprehensive analysis of the communications needs, existing service providers and developed the plan. They installed phones systems in both the Pompano Beach Florida and Eagan Minnesota locations putting both U.S. offices on the same system yet allowing for each facility to customize automated attendants and on hold messages independently. The next phase was to work with the Brisbane Australia phone systems. Establishing a relationship with Insite Communications to create a dedicated SIP trunk, essentially linking the two systems together providing seamless, and free calls between the offices. Next, they worked with the Cordoba Argentina office and coordinated with Trimotion S.R.L. to once again build a dedicated SIP trunk. Using their own systems a switch board, calls are routed to any office connected, globally. Lastly, they deployed a computer based call management console system that allows a single operator to monitor and route calls to any office on the network with a click of a mouse. They are continuing to work with the additional offices to complete the world wide network.

The Results: Worthington Aviation was able to eliminate inter office long distance calling fees through the global network created by Minnesota VoIP. By using the cloud approach offered by MNVP, they are able to reduce overhead costs, maintenance costs and broadened their emergency action plan. Inbound calls are now routed directly to the users desk, even if they are located outside of the U.S. and the powerful automated attendants are able to route callers to live people anywhere in the world if they call after hours. All of this was accomplish with no contracts, flat rates and discounted international calling.

"Engaging Minnesota VoIP to support Worthington's communications needs was the best
business decision we could have made. Minnesota VoIP is not just a voice communications
provider to us, they are a partner. Our communications costs are predictable, and as
reliable than they ever have been. "

Paul Stewart, Chief Technology Officer


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